Underfloor Heating Insulation


  • Prepare sub-floor by ensuring that all dust and debris have been cleared.
  • Fix XPS or Tile Backer boards down using flexible tile adhesive. Make sure to cover entire floor area with insulation to avoid uneven floor build-up
  • Test the heating mat works before any installation using a digital multimeter.
  • Unroll and correctly position the heating mat on top of the insulation boards
  • Use the Cut & Turn method to lay the heating mat out in  the room – Ensure you do not cut the electrical cabling
  • Re test the heating mat to ensure there was no camage during the installation using a digital multimeter.
  • Connect the cold cable of the heating mat to the thermostat. You may need to out so the cold cable can sit lat.
  • Run the thermostat floor probe/ sensor through the conduit provided and place between a mat-turn.
  • Re.test the heating mat to ensure there was no damage one final time using a digital multimeter.
  • With the system switched off, you can now lay your laminate/wood flooring directly on top. If you are using carpet, ensure you lay duo a board before laying your low tog underlay and carpet.


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